Princessang Walang Principe

            In English, a princess without a prince.

I am my father's and brother's princess. I know for sure that they too would love me
to find my prince as much as I would love to.

I don't want to just exist, I want to live instead but in order for me to live I have to be able to
I am able to rebound or bounce back from pressures of life.
It's never easy, you know, but at least I am trying.



True story or Fiction? You decide.

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Once Upon A Time

Posted by Princessa LamadridHCL on March 13, 2020 at 12:00 PM Comments comments (0)


I could however remember the fascinating story about my responsible parents had subtly conveyed me.

My nurturing mother – Cytheria was positively G3 P2 T2 P0 A0 L2 (Gravida – 3, Parity – 2, Term – 2, Pre-term – 0, Abortion – 0, Living – 2). Which undoubtedly meant that she was in her third pregnancy, and that was precisely after 9 years of typically giving birth to her second child—male—and 11 delightful years to her first child—female. She was genuinely the most peculiar among all her siblings – the only tan among them all seven, but the most beautiful daughter in the decent family and the only business-minded as her devoted mother and maternal grandfather had thought of her since she was too young to make money out of the local vegetables she was picking up from the local farm and marketing house-to-house. She got wedded in early as 17 years of age to my kindly father – Reese who was 18 years of age, a tall and average built curly-black-haired, dignified gentleman with a tan skin complexion. As to her, the most handsome she had ever seen. He grew up in his maternal grandfather’s well-kept house in Baguio City and he also made money in his early age by shoe-shining in the street-sides of the chilly cold weather in the City during off school hours.

Cytheria and Reese were exceptionally good friends during their high school days.

“Reese, this is Divine my best friend. Divine, meet my dear friend Reese and his best friend...”

“John!” Reese said before Cytheria finished her sentence.

Reese was courting Cytheria’s best friend Divine. Cytheria and John instantly became their bridge of the two until Reese and Divine became boyfriend and girlfriend. It was before their graduation when they all went merrily to a social outing along the pristine beach with their mutual friends. Everyone was there, their best friends and other good friends from high school. Everyone was having fun when Reese was beside Divine, with Cytheria next to her.

“Okay, let’s get over this with.” Reese said gently in the middle of the witty conversation. Everybody was genuinely shocked with Reese’s sudden shifting of cheerful mood from being ludicrous to serious expression with a hard voice.

“What dude?!” His best friend, John asked eagerly.

Reese slowly put on the table the gifts Divine gave him including the couple ring that signified their bond.

“What is this all about Reese?” Divine asked in an anxious and trembling voice.

Reese pulled out a white gold bracelet from his convenient pocket, and everyone’s innocent eyes were on him. He handed-down the bracelet to his girlfriend’s — now his ex-girlfriend’s best friend, Cytheria. What a wonderful yet pathetic break-up was it? Everyone’s instinctive reactions were different from the other. Some were shocked while some were blushing in profound astonishment and felt pity for Divine.

“I love you Cytheria!” Reese said in an almost whispering voice. Cytheria couldn’t utter a word and was blushing, didn’t know what to feel or say while Divine was restraining her tears from falling.

Divine had no choice but to move on and let her ex-boyfriend and her best friend to be together. They were all, nevertheless, friends and civil after all. Graduation came, and Reese went to Baguio City for college, while Cytheria didn’t know about Ross’s plan. Cytheria went after Reese, she went to Baguio City to ask for Reese’s explanation of walking away from her. Reese’s mother didn’t like Cytheria for his son. Because he loves Cytheria too much that he couldn’t bear to lose her, they went away from his mother.

Cytheria got pregnant at the age of 17 while Reese was 18 years of age. They went home to Cytheria’s family. They undisputedly embraced them in the family. She gave birth to a baby girl named Heather, it was hard for Cytheria to give birth because of the head of the fetus was in an occipitoposterior or transverse orientation. They must pull the baby out of the pelvic floor and perineum with a pair of forceps as a result of ineffective voluntary pushes and the fetus’s position as well.

After two years, she gave birth to a baby boy and was named Ryu. Her second labor was again hard for her. She gave birth to a blue baby while on their way to the hospital and baby wasn’t crying. Normally, the baby should begin crying within the first 30 seconds to one minute of life. They gently stimulated crying by rubbing the baby’s back and stroking the baby’s feet but still wasn’t crying. They thought they lost the baby but after some few more minutes the baby’s crying. It was like a miracle. The baby was found out to have low blood oxygen levels throughout his tiny body.

They thought they would not have another child again and so they quit trying while they were ahead because of the fact that she had an operative vaginal delivery at first and almost losing a child while giving birth at second delivery, but surprisingly after nine years Cytheria was pregnant again. G3 P2 T2 P0 A0 L2

One day, a superstitious and mysterious elderly woman came into Cytheria and depicted her that her third pregnancy was as difficult as she could have imagined, and that the fetus was weak and had a low chance of survival.

“That pregnancy will be extremely difficult for you.” The elderly woman said with a fear in her voice.

There was a prolonged silence and Cytheria processed the thought for quite some minute. She was frightened when she thought she might lose her child.

One afternoon, Cytheria suddenly experienced uterine contractions; she was absolutely certain that she was in labor. She had this twice before.

“Aaaaaawww! I’m in labor. Hooo hoo hoo hoo!” She said panting. She endured an intense pain that began irregularly but became regular and predictable felt first in her lower back and swept around to the abdomen in a wave. It continued no matter what her level of activity was and it increased in duration, frequency, and intensity until it achieved cervical dilatation.

“I’ll get you to the hospital, just hang in there.” Reese said.

She was rushed by her to-the-rescue and loving husband to the nearest birthing facility and then transferred to one of the best hospitals in the region, with updated machines and with American-based method of providing health care services.

Cytheria had a difficulty in delivering through a normal spontaneous delivery this time; there was a difficulty in the baby’s expulsion, and she was having pre-eclampsia.

“I think we need to deliver the baby through cesarean section.” Her obstetrician advised the couple to sign consent for a cesarean section. Hence, the lovely and young couple did.

It was the most painful and the most difficult thing that Cytheria ever experienced in her whole life. She will never experience it ever again. She almost wished to just die instead of having that kind of pain that cesarean section gave her.

“Baby out 6:11 PM, a Baby Girl!” The physician exclaimed.

So I came in to this lovely and young couple’s life. According to my parents, my health was delicate, and my lungs were too weak. I got asthma and primary complex; I was rushed to the hospital every now and then every time my medical enemy – asthma attacked. They suspected I got my asthma through both hereditary and environmental factors. Hereditary because my mother had asthma since she was a child. Environmental because the volcano erupted when we were travelling to the hospital and I inhaled the smoke. My parents were practically considering the hospital as our home due to my condition. They said, we stayed there for couple of months in-and-out of the hospital for the first few years of my life.

Cytheria had remembered what the old woman put into words to her before she gave birth, “She was right.” She said out of the blue.

Reese startled, “What? Who?”

“The old woman I have mentioned in the past. She talked about my pregnancy and forewarned me that it was delicate. She’s right, I can see how fragile our baby girl is. I don’t even know if she survives.” Cytheria told in a wary voice, although she knew that her baby girl was a full-term and her biggest baby to come out, 8 lbs. I was sucking a lot of milk, but my intestines weren’t absorbing what I was ingesting so I wasn’t gaining weight like a normal baby should.

“Don’t think about it. Just forget it. Maybe, it’s just a coincidence. Of course, she’s still a baby. Our baby will get over it soon when her vital organs develop and become mature.”

There’s no holy week that I became ill, no school year that I rushed to the hospital. Until I reached 7 years old. From then on, I never became seriously ill again. I surpassed the immaturity years of my lymphatic system. I became ill sometimes, but not as serious and delicate as it was when my immune system was very weak. I barely skipped school due to a serious illness, if I did; it was because of a contagious eye infection which is conjunctivitis or sore eyes in layman’s term.